Featured Project

Beloit College

Beloit, Wisconsin

Landmark partnered with Bon Appetit foodservice to put a fresh new look on the Commons Cafe, including DK’s Café and the Java Joint. New equipment allows Bon Appetit to offer healthier, fresh and organic foods choices. The interiors have been cleaned-up and offer a great dining experience.

Landmark Provides a Different ‘Mindset’ When It Comes to Foodservice at Beloit College

Since 1998, Beloit College in Beloit, Wisconsin has released their Mindset List, a guide for college professors that “reflect(s) the world view of entering first year students”. And while the incoming freshmen at Beloit College may not have the same world view as their professors and upper classmen, one thing they will all experience is the newly remodeled Commons Cafeteria at Chapin Hall.